The Bangalow Gym is a huge open 2 story fitness centre, full of state of the art techno gym equipment, massive amounts of free weights, functional training equipment and cardio equipment such as running machines, bikes, elliptic runners and low impact cardio equipment.

The gym and equipment suits all your training requirements.

We have awesome friendly staff and top of their game Personal Trainers.

As part of your membership you also get over 10 classes from yoga to high Intensity training classes, and everything in-between.

As a Bonus you also get a dual membership to BrunsGYM  located in Brunswick Heads which also gives you access to 30 classes, sauna, heated indoor pool.  Even though you may have to drive its worthwhile…….For information on membership prices and options go to Bruns Gym Memberships.  For other membership options, contact Bangalow Gym.


We are a friendly community fitness centre for all ages and all levels of fitness, come in and talk to one of our qualified friendly staff.  At Bangalow Gym we are always making the facility better. You will always notice an improvement or new equipment.  We always have friendly staff to give you a hand with your training requirements.


History of Bangalow Gym 

Bangalow Gym has been providing the local community with an awesome facility to train in for many years.  Tucked behind a row of inviting palm trees in The Bangalow Industrial Estate we have the local community covered with a range of group fitness classes and a large range of resistance and cardio equipment for all of your fitness needs.

Our highly passionate group fitness instructors deliver classes catering for every need from yoga to pump, pilates to boxing, strength and resistance training to high intensity interval training – we’ve got you covered at Bangalow Gym 6 days a week! The best part? All classes are included as part of your membership.

In addition to our classes have a huge range of pin loaded Technogym equipment, free weights, functional fitness equipment and cardio machines to keep you on track with all of your fitness goals.

Experienced personal trainers are on hand for 1:1 training needs and our large warehouse space provides the ideal environment to achieve your optimal body. 

With the option to train in the open plan main training area that captures the sunshine and takes full advantage of the beautiful Northern Rivers air or our air-conditioned group fitness room you can always train at your preferred temperature.

Our member base is made up of lovely locals and with onsite parking there is never a shortage of friendly conversation between car and gym door and on the gym floor – even if it’s your first time here! 

So come in to the palm tree gym, your local community gym and discover just how good training in Bangalow can be!


Whatever your goal, there is a class for you!

*for class descriptions scroll down


SPIN/CIRCUIT Combining Cycling with Circuit training for body conditioning or endurance training or resistance training using high and low-intensity. Targeting strength building, fat loss or muscular endurance.
PILATES Improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. Emphasis is on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core (abdominals and back) and improves coordination and balance.
STRENGTH/CIRCUIT Is resistance training with exercises in a circuit, it can include weights, swissball, dumbells, barbells, medicine ball or simply your own body weight, targeting strength building or muscular endurance.
SPIN/CIRCUIT Combining 30 minutes of Cycling, a cardiovascular exercise alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods plus Circuit training for 30 minutes.
HATHA YOGA A combination of poses (hatha) as well as poses flowing in a progression from one to another, attention is given to basic alignment & therapeutic principles. Mindfulness in observing breath and body.
SPIN/BAR Combining 30 minutes of Cycling, with 30 minutes of weight-room exercises such as squats, presses, deadlifts, rows, focusing on high repetition movements with low weight loads.
CARDIO/HIIT High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.
STEP COMBO Aerobic exercise using the step and hand weights, involves moves put together in a sequence to produce a routine to music.
CARDIO BOX Using martial arts techniques to condition the whole body, building muscle strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination. Consist of variable heart rate work and actual boxing techniques.

Personal Training

Your fast track to fitness!

If you have specific health issues, or are new to the gym environment or need some guidance to reach your fitness goals personal training could be just what you need. A one off session or weekly sessions could help you meet and assist you with achieving your fitness goals.

Bangalow GYM’s professional trainers and group fitness Instructors will support you in your way to become healthier and happier

  • Want to get fit fast? Need an individual training program?
  • Try Personal Training at Bangalow Gym today!
  • Friendly and experienced local trainers ensure you get the results you deserve!
  • Achieve your ideal body with personal training!
  • Take your fitness to the next level with personal training!
  • Lose body fat or gain muscle
  • Improve your strength, speed or flexibility
  • Prepare for an event
  • Look and feel your absolute best!
  • Stay motivated with Personal Training and optimise your health!

Our team of friendly and experienced local Northern Rivers trainers can help you achieve all of your fitness and health goals – contact us today to get started!